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Recruiting Strategy

070: Trending Topics – The Age of (Pay) Transparency ft. Lex Winship

February 22, 2024

sam kuenhle
lex winship

We’re back for another Trending Topics episodes — this time, discussing the importance of pay transparency in recruitment. Throughout the conversation, Sam and Lex explore the changing cultural attitude around talking about money — and the subsequent shift towards standards of pay transparency. We explore the whys and why-nots around communicating salary ranges early on in the hiring process, legislation around salary transparency, and more. Listen and join the conversation!

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00:00 – Podcast Intro
01:21 – Shifting Norms: The Rise of Open Discussions on Pay
05:02 – The Shift Towards Pay Transparency
12:33 – Legislation and Pay Transparency
14:50 – The Importance of Transparency for Recruiters
20:08 – Leveraging Pay Transparency: Enhancing Recruiter Performance
24:25 – The Psychology of Salary: Influencing Candidate Decisions
26:54 – Saving Time and Resources with Salary Transparency
30:58 – The Role of Recruiters in Transparency
34:34 – Podcast farewell

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