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Best Practices

069: Tactical Tuesday – Reporting for Recruiters, Part 4 of 5 ft. Logan Heck

February 20, 2024

sam kuenhle

In the fourth of our five reporting episodes, Logan is BACK to discuss the importance of reporting in the candidate pipeline. They explore two essential reports that every recruiter should have in their toolkit: the stage conversion report and the candidate insight or candidate status report. These reports provide valuable insights into the recruitment process, including identifying bottlenecks and tracking candidate progress.

While providing practical examples, Sam and Logan emphasize the customization and flexibility of these reports and highlight the importance of setting goals and benchmarks.



00:00 – Podcast Intro
01:38 – Leveraging reporting in the candidate pipeline
02:56 – Report 1: Stage conversion report
07:27 – Report 2: Candidate status report
11:18 – Practical applications: Using reports to optimize recruitment

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