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Recruiting Strategy

066: How Comedy and Camaraderie Can Be Recruitment Game-Changers ft. Will Grashoff

February 8, 2024

sam kuenhle
will grashoff recruiter

In this episode we’re joined by Will Grassoff, founder and managing director of OX7 Talent Partners, to discuss current challenges in the recruitment industry and how he differentiates himself and his business by using comedy and content to humanize the recruitment process.

Will shares insights on attracting quality candidates — and vetting companies, as well. Overall, the conversation highlights the importance of building rapport with both clients and candidates. It’s a jam-packed and FUN episode that you don’t want to miss!


00:00 – Podcast intro
03:43 – Comedy in Recruitment: Humanizing the Process Through Humor
06:49 – Comedy’s Impact: Strengthening Candidate Relations in Recruitment
09:35 – Clever Recruitment: Standing Out with Smart Strategies
11:48 – Client Communication: Mastering the Briefing Process
16:03 – Probing Questions for Client Success
20:50 – Tracking Success: Evaluating Your Recruitment Strategy
25:04 – Partnering with Companies Driving Positive Change
30:18 – Proof of Quality: Leveraging Rebates in Recruitment
32:21 – Closing Remarks: Will’s Final Thoughts

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