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Recruiting Strategy

063: Tactical Tuesday – Reporting for Recruiters, Part 1 of 5 ft. Logan Heck

January 30, 2024

sam kuenhle

In this episode, Sam has Loxo’s own reporting superstar Logan Heck on to discuss the importance of reporting for recruiters — and the reasons why many recruiters haven’t historically used reporting to its fullest potential. They also explore the foundational requirements for effective reporting and the benefits of avoiding data silos. Long story short: effective reporting requires a solid foundation, including tracking the right data, customizing fields and activities, and using a platform that makes reporting user-friendly.

This episode is the first of a five-part mini-series on reporting, with future episodes diving into specific reporting topics for recruiters. Stay tuned for the rest of the series in the next few weeks!

00:00 – Podcast Intro
01:10 – Navigating Reporting Wonders: A Recruiter’s Guide
03:46 – The Essence of Reporting: Vital for Solos and Teams Alike
06:22 – Reporting Realities: Overcoming Stigmas in Recruitment
08:47 – Building Blocks of Reporting: A Recruiter’s Toolkit
12:05 – Wrapping Up: Insights and Teasers for What’s Next

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