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Recruiting Strategy

058: Tactical Tuesday – White Glove Service in Recruiting ft. Vivien Maron

January 16, 2024

vivien maron
sam kuenhle

In this episode, Sam and Vivien delve into the concept of “white glove service” in recruiting. Vivien, drawing from her personal recruiting experience, emphasizes the importance of tailoring the delivery of candidate information to hiring managers’ preferred learning styles.

The two discuss the diverse ways people process information — highlighting the need for recruiters to offer varied communication options such as email, presentations, or calls. You’ll learn more about the importance of actively engaging with hiring managers to understand their preferences and gain insights into learning styles and effective self-management.

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00:00 – Podcast Intro
01:22 – Elevate and Impress: A Guide to White Glove Recruiting
04:20 – Tailoring Communication for Visual Learners
06:22 – The Art of Feedback for Every Learning Style
10:41 – Podcast Farewell

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