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Recruiting Strategy

053: Effective Time Management for Recruiters ft. Justin Bellante

December 14, 2023

justin bellante
sam kuenhle

In this interview, Justin Bellante, CEO of Titan Placement Group, delves into time management strategies. The discussion covers a variety of strategies — from conducting time audits and power hours, to workday structures, using call scripts, and more.

Justin underscores the importance of task alignment for workflow optimization. Throughout the conversation, he and Sam discuss intrinsic motivation, routine, adaptability, workflow personalization, and gauging success through efficiency and goals.

This is a jam-packed episode filled with tons of insights on time management and efficiency for recruiters — a differentiator that will be CRITICAL in 2024. You don’t want to miss this!


00:00 – Podcast Intro
01:21- Mastering Time Management: Insights from Justin’s Journey
04:31 – Time Auditing Unveiled: Strategies and Applications for Recruiters
08:47 – Power Hours Unleashed: Productivity Hacks and Monitoring Methods
12:18 – Time Management Flexibility: Strategies for Different Working Styles
15:48 – Revolutionizing Workflow: Recommendations for Recruiter Tools
23:09 – Commencing the Time Management Journey: Initial Steps and Indicators
26:18 – Concluding Insights: Wrapping Up the Time Management Conversation

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