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Recruiting Strategy

052: Tactical Tuesday – The Evolution of the Recruiters’ Little Black Book

December 12, 2023

sam kuenhle

In this mini Tactical Tuesday episode, join Sam as he delves into a crucial 1980s recruitment stronghold: the ‘little black book’…and how things have changed since those days.

Sam will explore ways to modernize this practice for your 2024 recruitment strategy — and in doing so, you’ll receive practical tips on leveraging pre-existing candidate relationships stored in your CRM, optimizing efficiency, and transforming sourcing processes for greater success in today’s hiring landscape.

All in eight minutes or less! How’s that for efficiency?



00:00 – Podcast Intro
01:25 – The Evolution of Recruiting: Insights into the 1980s ‘Little Black Book’ Approach
03:09 – Decoding the Little Black Book’s Effectiveness: Key Inquiries for Today’s Recruiters
06:36 – Podcast Outro

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