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Recruiting Strategy

051: To Niche or Not to Niche? Recruiting in Niche Markets ft. Madison Loomis

December 7, 2023

sam kuenhle
madison loomis

Sam is joined by Madison Loomis, owner of Advanced Scope. Madison works specifically in healthcare recruitment — which makes her the perfect person to speak on the subject of recruiting in niche markets.

Sam and Madison will dive into when niching down make sense — and when it might make sense to be a bit more general. They talk about following passions, analyzing the needs & opportunities of the market, determining who you do (or don’t) want to work with, and how much healthcare hiring has changed in recent years.

If you’re toying with the idea of niching down — or are already in the healthcare recruitment space — you do not want to miss this episode!



00:00 Podcast Intro
01:24 – Navigating Margins versus Outcomes: Insights from Madison Loomis
03:01 – Unveiling the Significance of Niche Specialization in Healthcare Recruitment
07:41 – Charting Your Niche Course: Expert Tips to Initiate Your Specialization
10:25 – Unveiling Client Suitability: Knowing When to Redefine Relationships
14:57 – Crafting Your Recruiter Brand in a Specialized Market: Strategies and Tips
18:02 – Measuring Success: Indicators and Key Metrics for Evaluating Your Strategy
23:08 – Final Insights: Decoding the True Metrics of Success
25:52 – Podcast Outro

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