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Recruiting Strategy

048: Tactical Tuesday – Planning For Recruiting Success In 2024 ft. Vivien Maron

November 28, 2023

vivien maron
sam kuenhle

Like it or not, 2024 is *fast* approaching — and it’s time to get your recruiting plan in place! In today’s Tactical Tuesday episode, our goal is to help you become a better strategic partner to your clients in the new year.

Sam and Vivien explore the importance of understanding company goals, identifying skill gaps, and fostering a strong team dynamic. They also discuss the value of feedback and follow-up in the hiring process and how to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of diversity and inclusion.

If you’re a recruiter looking to level up your game and make a lasting impact, this episode is a must listen.

Discover how to amplify your recruitment success by exploring the pivotal strategies that fortify and enhance the relationship between recruiters and hiring managers.



00:00 – Podcast Intro
01:42 – Crafting a Talent Vision Strategy: Meeting Hiring Needs to Achieve Company Goals
05:44 – Strategic Partnership: Strengthening Relationships Between Recruiters and Hiring Managers
12:02 – Elevating Impact: Outcomes of Improved Recruiter-Hiring Manager Dynamics
14:26 – Example Questions: Understanding Company Goals, Team Dynamics, and Skill Gap Analysis
17:24 – Podcast Outro

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