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Recruiting Strategy

045: Executive Hiring Trends and Challenges Exposed ft. Matt Mooney

November 16, 2023

sam kuenhle
matt mooney

In this episode, our host Sam sits down with Matt Mooney, co-president of ON Partners, renowned for their executive search expertise. Matt brings his wealth of knowledge to the table as they discuss the recently released 2023 Talent Intelligence Report, which tackles executive hiring, diversity, compensation, and market trends. 

One of the narratives explored is the slow progress of pay equity for women and people of color in leadership positions. Matt challenges the commonly cited statistic of women earning 84% of what men earn on average, presenting eye-opening data. He also discusses the complexities of assessing culture, key metrics, and identifying derailers when evaluating candidates for senior executive positions. 

Throughout the episode, Matt and Sam invite listeners to engage in the ongoing talent conversation, share their insights, and explore the upcoming projects. You do not want to miss this relevant and timely conversation!



00:00 – Podcast Intro
02:21 – Decoding the 2023 Talent Intelligence Report: Insights and Methodologies
06:34 – The Reality of Pay Equity: Insights on Women and People of Color Compensation
09:10 – Hiring Dynamics: Public Traded vs. Private Owned Company Hiring
12:14 – Analyzing Inflation’s Influence on Compensation Evolution
16:10 – Salary Trends in Public Traded and Private Equity Firms
19:30 – Forecasting 2024: Predictions for the Evolving Recruitment Market
22:52 – Executive Talent Acquisition Strategies in an Evolving Landscape
24:42 – Identifying Key Attributes and Characteristics of Top Executive Talent
27:43 – Closing Thoughts and Podcast Farewell

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