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043: The Future of Recruitment Doesn’t Include Your ATS ft. Matt Chambers

November 9, 2023

matt chambers
sam kuenhle

In today’s episode, we have an exciting mic-drop moment as Matt shares his strong and unique perspective on recruiting software. He discusses the evolution of the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and why he believes it will cease to exist in the next five years. Matt breaks down the different stages of software development and explains how the ATS is becoming outdated in terms of user interface, user experience, and the incorporation of data & AI. He also highlights the limitations of the legacy ATS — such as their inability to leverage data, create efficiency, and integrate with other tools seamlessly. Join us as Matt unveils his vision for the future of recruiting software in this thought-provoking episode.



00:00 – Podcast Intro
01:26 – ATS in recruitment: A journey from past to present
04:42 – The dark side: Limitations and challenges of ATS and bolt-on solutions
08:43 – Shifting Perspectives: From product to feature
11:47 – How the changing landscape impacts legacy ATS
14:12 – The current state of recruitment agencies and its evolution
15:35 – Matt’s predictions for the future: ATS won’t exist in 5 years
16:41 – Podcast outro

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