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042: Tactical Tuesday — Pros & Cons of Boolean Filters ft. Vivien Maron

November 7, 2023

sam kuenhle
vivien maron

Welcome to another insightful Tactical Tuesday episode! Our host Sam Kuehnle teams up with Vivien Maron to explore the pros & cons of using boolean search and filters when sourcing candidates. Discover how these strategies can help you find the perfect match for your job requirements, and make your job as a recruiter easier. From targeting specific locations to honing in on specialized skills, Sam and Vivien cover it all. Don’t miss out on their expert insights and practical tips to supercharge your recruiting boolean search efforts! 


00:00 – Podcast intro
01:37 – Recruiting mastery: Navigating boolean filters like a pro
02:51 – Strategic choices: Deciding between boolean and filters
06:12 – From theory to practice: Applying boolean filters in real time
11:20 – Beyond the basics: Unleashing the power of advanced boolean
15:30 – Podcast recap

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