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Best Practices

041: The Power of Thoughtful Interview Questions ft. Matt Chambers

November 2, 2023

sam kuenhle
matt chambers

Loxo CEO & Founder Matt Chambers is back for another thought-provoking Mic Drop episode. You may be wondering: How do I step beyond the stereotypical interview process to hire better candidates? Matt has over 1,000 interviews under his belt and is here to share the mix of art and science that has helped him conduct better interviews — and make better hires.

As a bonus, the duo also explores the importance of holding leadership accountable and using KPIs to drive better hiring results. Don’t miss this episode to gain interview tips that could influence your entire recruitment strategy!


00:00 – Podcast intro
02:01 – Confidently choosing top talent: innovative interview strategies
04:14 – Mastering interviewing skills: 3 steps to screen candidates effectively
10:47 – Crafting the perfect interview questions
11:57 – Best questions for screening VP-level candidates
16:20 – Screening questions for managerial and senior positions
19:03 – More examples for effective screening interviews
21:45 – Digging deep: proving candidate worth and meeting your needs
25:55 – Setting the bar for recruitment success: laying the foundation
28:21 – Recruitment insights: final examples to elevate your game
31:11 – Podcast farewell

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