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Candidate Outreach

040: Tactical Tuesday – Ghostbusting in Recruitment Doesn’t Have To Be Spooky ft. Vivien Maron

October 31, 2023

vivien maron
sam kuenhle

In today’s special Halloween Tactical Tuesday episode, we venture into the mysterious world of ghosting to help you bust those spooky ghosts that often haunt recruiters in the candidate outreach process.

It’s not just candidates who ghost: recruiters and hiring managers can be guilty of disappearing too, leaving everyone in the dark. We’ll explore why ghosting happens, how it affects the hiring process, and most importantly, how to prevent it from happening in the first place.

So grab your ghost-busting gear and join us for this special Halloween episode of Becoming a Hiring Machine. Let’s exorcise those recruitment demons once and for all!


00:00 – Unmasking the ghosting mystery in recruitment
02:07 – Recruiter tips and tricks for preventing ghosting
07:20 – Recruiter-candidate communication: Breaking the ghosting spell
10:54 – Hiring manager ghosts: A recruiter’s nightmare
14:05 – Summoning hiring managers: Effective tactics
16:48 – When candidates vanish: Strategies for resurrecting conversations
18:53 – Podcast Recap

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