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039: Q&A — Decoding Recruitment Data Quality ft. Ilia Cheishvili

October 26, 2023

sam kuenhle

Our host Sam jokes that there are three things certain in recruitment: death, taxes, and bad data. In this episode, Loxo’s CTO, Ilia Cheishvili, weighs in on the accuracy of this phrase. The two will answer questions about where software companies get their data, why some companies have better or worse data than others, and how Loxo approaches recruiting data.


Tune in to learn more about different data sources (including third-party vendors and manual entry), and to explore the challenges of maintaining data accuracy in your recruitment efforts. Take your recruiting data from a bad joke to reliability with this master class!


Join us as we talk about:

  • Data sources matter: Understanding where recruitment software gets its data is essential for recruiters.
  • Data accuracy challenges: Typos, outdated information, and various errors can make the recruiting process more challenging.
  • Avoiding shady data sources: Beware of sources that use questionable or unethical means to gather data.




00:00 – Podcast intro
02:04  – Sourcing data for recruitment software
05:35  – Challenges in data accuracy
10:49 – Why Loxo doesn’t use candidate data
15:59 – Discrepancy in data between tools
19:16 – Wrapping up


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