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037: How Acquisitions and Collaborations Affect Recruitment ft. Tim Gorewich + Tim Farrelly

October 19, 2023

sam kuenhle

We have an exciting conversation with guests Tim Farrelly and Tim Gorewich from Coit Group (an RPO company), on the challenges around hiring in today’s competitive market. We explore the company’s approach to understanding hiring teams’ needs and crafting rubrics & scorecards for proper candidate assessment to increase effective talent acquisition. Throughout the episode, we explore various strategies and methods Tim & Tim use to find and attract top talent. From utilizing an aggressive outbound strategy to nurturing existing employee relationships, they truly leave no stone unturned.

Ready to transform your talent acquisition? Listen in to explore the world of innovative hiring processes and get inspired.


00:00 – Podcast Intro
02:29 – Building strong VC partnerships: Tim Farrelly’s Insights
08:36 – Lessons in Leadership: Tim Gorewich, Head of Talent Acquisition
10:45 – Success Story: PayPal’s journey to hiring top talent for Venmo
15:35 – Inside the framework. Exploring the depths of client partnership
23:40 – Building a unique employee value proposition (EVP) for attracting top talent
30:19 – The power of insights in recruiting: Aligning with hiring managers
33:18 – Transparent communication: No surprises, only success
36:23 – Podcast recap

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