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Best Practices

036: Tactical Tuesday – Email Domain Health ft. Rosalie & Logan

October 17, 2023


It’s Tactical Tuesday and we’re exploring the fascinating world of email domain health and its impact on your recruitment efforts. Join our host Sam as he welcomes two special guests from the Loxo crew, Rosalie and Logan, to discuss the importance of email domain reputation, how it affects your recruiting email campaigns, and practical steps to ensure your emails are delivered successfully. Discover why blindly sending emails to a massive list of recipients might not be the best move and learn strategies to target your outreach campaigns effectively. Don’t miss out on this insightful conversation!


00:00 – Introduction: Navigating the crucial world of email domain health
02:18 – Email domain health unveiled: Why it matters in recruitment
03:36 – Inbox Insights: Best practices and provider Limitations
05:58 – Warming up to success: Email best practices for reputation improvement
11:49 – Parting Wisdom: Recommendations and final thoughts
13:13 – Podcast outro: Wrapping up this insightful episode

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