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Business Development

035: The Old and New Ways in Recruiting Business Development ft. Matt Chambers

October 12, 2023

sam kuenhle
matt chambers

In this Trending Topic episode, Matt and Sam discuss the “old ways” and “new ways” of recruiting business development — and the impact these trends have on recruiters.

Matt shares his insights and experiences in the industry, and we’ll explore how recruiting business development has historically been done, what has changed in the digital world, some best practices that you can implement, and business development strategies for recruiting firms.


00:00 – Podcast Intro
02:26 – Adapting business development in the digital age
04:26 – Unveiling the best business development methods for recruiters
11:50 – Elevating executive search: Best practices for success
15:49 – The ripple effect: Harnessing delight and word of mouth
20:08 – Scaling Up: Strategies for effective business development
22:37 – Becoming a valuable talent advisor
24:18 – Podcast Recap

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