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Best Practices

012: Audience Building through Relentless Consistency + Daily Plusses ft. Hung Lee

August 10, 2023

sam kuenhle

On this episode we welcome Hung Lee to discuss the ins and outs of building an audience and creating content. Hung shares his personal experience of starting a newsletter and the challenges he faced in the early stages and emphasizes the importance of time, repetition, and consistency in building an audience, noting the challenges of attribution in marketing and the importance of facilitating conversations and interactions.

Hung shares his philosophy of giving something positive to the audience and highlights the long-term approach needed for meaningful results. He challenges the notion that expertise is a requirement for generating an audience and advocates for a conversational approach instead.

Listen in for tips on building an audience and his advice on not getting too caught up in ROI measurements too soon, as he encourages creators to take a long-term perspective, be consistent, and enjoy the process of audience building.

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