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Best Practices

008: How Employee-Driven Content Can Attract Top Talent ft. James Hornick

July 31, 2023

sam kuenhle

Sam welcomes James Hornick, Partner and Chief Revenue Officer at Hirewell, to discuss the power of employee-driven content in recruitment. James shares his perspective on contingent recruiting and encourages open communication within organizations. We delve into the challenges of standing out in the recruiting industry and attracting seasoned, successful recruits.

This conversation highlights the importance of creating unique content and providing valuable insights to clients and candidates and the significance of employee happiness and creating a strong culture. James shares his personal journey in using content to drive business growth and attract new talent. The episode concludes with the recognition that authentic content creation has been a driving force behind Hirewell’s success, resulting in significant growth and national recognition.

Tune in to this episode of ‘Becoming a Hiring Machine’ to learn more about the power of employee-driven content in recruitment.

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