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Business Development

007: Breaking through the Noise by Building Relationships with a Podcast ft. Benjamin Mena

July 28, 2023

sam kuenhle

Throughout the episode, Benjamin shares valuable insights and tips for podcast hosts, while highlighting the benefits of podcast episodes in providing content for up to 30 days. Benjamin emphasizes the value of highlighting guests on an industry podcast and how it can lead to future opportunities.

Sam and Benjamin focus on the concept of building relationships with guests rather than pitching at the end of the podcast, and Benjamin shares his motivation for starting a podcast, explaining his discomfort with traditional phone sales and his desire to establish himself in the relationship business through alternative channels like podcasts, books, and YouTube.

Benjamin shares his journey through podcasting – from interviewing friends over Zoom to growing his audience and attracting hiring managers – and addresses the use of AI tools for enhancing content creation efforts of your podcast.

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