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Recruiting Strategy

002: The Recruiting Funnel, Accountability, and Red Flags in Recruitment ft. Tim Sackett

July 14, 2023

sam kuenhle

Tim Sackett joins us to discuss the importance of measuring and analyzing the recruiting funnel. He shares his experience working with Jim Levinson, head of people at Rocket Mortgage, who believed in treating hiring as a sales activity and measuring it accordingly. Sam and Tim delve into the significance of transparency and goal-setting, building trust between recruiters and hiring managers, and the role of accountability in recruitment.

Tim also addresses the need for recruiters who actively want to recruit and shares insights on how to improve the effectiveness of recruiters and the organization’s talent acquisition, stressing the importance of establishing relationships with customers, whether it’s through outreach, sales, or marketing activities.

Tim reminds us that when personalization efforts often fall short it can leave customers feeling like just another number. He highlights the value of prompted engagement in keeping customers invested and valued, while also urging recruiters to prioritize personal interaction rather than solely focusing on reaching quotas.

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