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Recruiting Strategy

001: The Evolution of Recruiting ft. Matt Chambers

July 14, 2023

sam kuenhle
matt chambers

Hosts Matt Chambers and Sam Kuehnle discuss the evolution of recruiting. Matt emphasizes the importance of building tools for the end user, highlighting the issue of platforms dictating strategies that may not yield desired results. Their product, Loxo, aims to provide an ideal workflow for successful recruitment in today’s world.

Matt believes their approach sets them apart in the talent intelligence platform category. Sam and Matt delve into the complexities and lack of integration in the industry that has prevented the creation of software like Loxo before. The episode explores the transition of the recruiting market from Web 1.0 to Web 2.0 to Web 3.0, as well as the use of AI and GPT in outreach campaigns, showcasing impressive results. Matt emphasizes the importance of adapting and being smarter in recruitment strategies, leveraging technology and personalization.

The duo also covers the challenges of building a new category and educating the market and the need for a recruiting CRM and the potential of AI in recruiting. The future of recruiting and the podcast’s mission to improve recruitment practices are also discussed.

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