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How to Get Your Recruiting Tools to Stop Working Against You

The First Step to Building Your Recruiting Process

If you haven’t read it already, check out the first part of this series, Why Your Reliance on Job Boards & InMails Is Sabotaging Your Recruiting, before diving into this piece. In that blog, we define the problem that we will address in the next series of posts.

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Before you can build your recruiting process, you need to understand the importance of what you’re about to undertake.

Now that we have identified the culprit behind why your recruiting technologies are making you a less efficient and effective recruiter, we can move on to the next step. Right?

Wrong! We’re not ready for that just yet, but don’t worry. We’ll get there soon. Before you rebuild or revamp your existing process, you need to set yourself up for success. You need to truly understand the importance of what you’re about to undertake and the potential long-term value. Most importantly, you need an open mind.

No one likes to admit they’re not perfect, myself included, but the only way to improve is to confront the issue head-on. You need to be prepared to listen, question your instincts, be open to new ideas, and change your way of thinking.

I promise it’s not as challenging as it sounds, but if you’re willing, I guarantee you’ll come out of this process a better recruiter. Now that you’re on board, let’s define the expectations.

What does success look like?

I have probably used some variation of better, smarter, faster, or more effective recruiter at least dozen times by now. To be honest, the thesaurus tab on my browser could probably use a break. Instead of repeating myself yet again, let me give a clearer picture of what you can expect.

Highlight Potential

Building a thoughtful, clearly defined process is only the first step to becoming a better recruiter, but it’s the most important step. This isn’t going to happen overnight. Take the time to carefully map out your process. Implement, assess, and then do it all over again until you have something that is robust, scalable, and effective. Remember, it’s better to be great at one thing than be average at a bunch of other things.

Once you’ve honed in your process, then you can start layering in new pieces such as recruitment marketing, thought leadership, and employer branding. The possibilities will be limitless once you have a solid foundation.

Note: Making It Work With What You Have

You’re almost ready to build your process. I promise. Seriously, it’s the next step. But, before we dive in, I want to take a moment and put you at ease. It can be extremely overwhelming to think about what you’re about to undertake.

Take a moment to pause and draw a deep breath. We’re not going to dismantle what you have already built or push unfamiliar technologies or approaches. This is about building a process centered around all of the resources and tools currently at your disposal. Think of it like a puzzle. With each piece, the picture will get a little bit clearer until you get to your desired result.

Loxo Blog
Before you can build your recruiting process, you need to understand the importance of what you’re about to undertake.

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