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We’re excited to announce our newest integration with MailChimp, an industry leading marketing automation and email marketing platform.

Loxo’s newest integration in conjunction with our existing recruitment marketing suite, including email automation and bulk email, will give Loxo users greater flexibility to leverage their contacts for business development and recruitment marketing efforts, as needed.

The integration only takes minutes to set up and can be completed easily by even the most non-technical recruiter. That’s correct; no developer help is required for set up. It’s that simple!

Once the integration is established, Loxo users can easily choose which contacts to export and assign them to a list in MailChimp. You can even select and prioritize which email type(s) to export, ensuring you never send a message to a candidate’s work email. With a click of a button, all contacts will then be imported to MailChimp from Loxo and added to the designated list.

Loxo users can then use MailChimp’s robust platform to build custom drip campaigns or one off emails to serve their business needs.

Best of all, emails sent from MailChimp using the integration will automatically be noted in the contact record in Loxo, cutting down on data entry and providing more transparency into your recruiting efforts.

From drips to engage passive candidates to campaigns to generate new business opportunities, the possibilities are endless with the new Loxo MailChimp integration. Only one question remains. When do you want to get started?

For more information about Loxo’s ATS/CRM and the new MailChimp integration, request a demo with a member of our team today!

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