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Loxo Triples Team Size to Accelerate Product Innovation and Supercharge Customer Success

To our Loxo community,

I can’t believe it’s been five years since I decided to risk everything and start Loxo. Whether you’ve been with us from the beginning or are just joining, I’m grateful that you decided to join us on this journey. While the path hasn’t always been smooth or easy, we couldn’t be more excited with the company that Loxo is becoming, and how we are impacting our customers way of life.

From day one, everything Loxo has done has been driven by our vision to empower people to reach their greatest potential. In order to bring this heady vision to life, I needed the engineering superhero who could translate my vision into reality. After an exhaustive search I eventually landed my co-founder Ilia, and ever since we’ve been working tirelessly to create the recruitment platform you use today.

With the recent addition of James and Sebastian to our engineering leadership team, there is no doubt in my mind that Loxo has the very best product team in the industry. Our team’s combined cv includes computer science degrees from the nation’s top universities as well as hands-on experience working for some of the most innovative companies of the past decade, including venture funded startups and high-tech titans like Foursquare and Palantir. You will not find a more talented early stage engineering team anywhere in web technology; not even in Silicon Valley.

The results of bringing this team together has been transformative. The craftsmanship, UI/UX design, long-term thinking, innovation, infrastructure scaling, sushi-grade quality, and velocity of new features is astonishing.

While we truly believe Loxo is the leading solution for identifying the best possible job match, we understand that having the best product is not enough. While we’ll continue to improve our product offerings, we’ve also expanded our focus to providing better customer support, onboarding, training, and customer success.

Why customer success?

Loxo Blog
Meet the newest additions to our Customer Success team (Sarah & Brooke B.)

Today’s most respected, industry defining companies are more than great products or services. They have earned their customers’ loyalty because they have delivered the best possible customer experience from beginning to end.

As we continue on our pace for lightning-fast growth, we want to ensure that you, our partners, remain at the heart of everything we do. We want Loxo to both enable and empower you to be more successful than ever before. That is why we have chosen to grow our customer success team ahead of other business functions, following through on our promise to invest in you and your success above everything else.

We couldn’t be more excited for both Brooke and Sarah to to join the Loxo family. Both are the best at what they do. They have spent their entire careers learning to foster strong client relationships and build world-class customer experiences in SaaS companies, bridging the gaps that exist between product, marketing, and sales teams.

We want you to know that our customer success team are your advocates here at Loxo. They are here solely for you. Their job is to make sure you are continually falling in love with Loxo again and again.

We hope that you are already noticing improvements in our customer support. Most importantly, we are excited for you to realize the Loxo experience we always envisioned as we build out our client success and support function.

Thank you for supporting us during the early years. Without you, none of this would be possible. We can’t wait to take this next leg of the journey with you.

To your success,

Matt Chambers

Loxo Blog
Meet the newest additions to our Customer Success team (Sarah & Brooke B.)

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