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Here’s our round-up of what our owl spied this week while scouring the interwebs. Have anything to add? Comment or tweet us @lox_o!

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Do recruiters dislike being approached on LinkedIn or Facebook by a Candidate?: An interesting perspective on how candidates should and should not try to connect with recruiters. What’s your style? How often do quality candidates reach out to you versus you to them?

Mistakes Inexperienced Managers Make: While some of these may seem like common sense, this is a great list to keep you focused and not get too caught up in the day to day. Managers need to be engaged in recruiting and hiring to keep the quality of their teams high.

Are You Ready to Become Obsolete?: Great reminders about the need to adapt in our world of continuous reinvention. How are you adapting to today’s recruiting trends? At Loxo, we’re passionate about how technology can enable recruiters to fulfill their greatest potential while helping candidates find a career they love.

How to Make Your Employer Brand Shine and Attract the Best Talent: It’s hard to overstate the value of employment brand in this era of transparency and information. Are your clients doing all they can to put their best foot forward and attract talent? How are you helping bridge the gap?

i.c. Stars Partners With Recruiting Firms to Help Low-Income Chicagoans Land Tech Jobs: We love sharing stories about others who have a similar mission to ours: helping people achieve their greatest potential. Read and smile today, and think about how we can all have an impact in our communities.

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Loxo Blog

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