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We have a great summer tradition here in Denver, where Loxo is headquartered. It’s called “Movies on the Rocks” and Red Rocks, which is better known as a concert venue, turns into a large outdoor movie theatre for you and 9,449 of your closest friends. This past week’s event featured the fabulously campy cult classic, The Princess Bride. If the phrases “mahwwaige” and “twue wuv” aren’t echoing in your head right now, I just don’t know what to say (and you might want to stop reading…)!

But another classic phrase resonated with me this time — “INCONCEIVABLE!” The character Vizzini is the criminal “genius” and leader of the rag-tag Fezzik (yeah, André the Giant!) and Inigo Montoya (“you killed my father, prepare to die!!”). Vizzini repeatedly exclaims this as Wesley is successful in his pursuit of Vizzini, who has kidnapped Wesley’s love, Buttercup.

I realized this is actually the perfect analogy for what we (you and us here at Loxo) experience everyday as entrepreneurs and business owners. Vizzini is the status quo, all of those who look at you like you’re crazy when you explain your vision. Those who exclaim “INCONCEIVABLE” when you make your idea a reality. We love surprising and delighting clients. We live for those moments when they realize there is a better way to manage their recruiting business and workflows. We identify with Wesley — someone who recognizes that when you find someone/something you are passionate about, it’s not something you take lightly or give up on. You scale the Cliffs on Insanity in pursuit and you don’t let anything stop you. And while there may be a lot of blood, sweat and tears involved, it’s all worth it in the end.

Have you had many Vizzini’s in your career? How have you overcome them? And what was your favorite feeling in that moment when you reached your goal?

So work on that legacy and have a movie night if you need a little fun encouragement. If a 1987 movie can have a 97% Rotten Tomatoes critics’ approval 28 years later, imagine the impact you can have!

Loxo Blog

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