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SCN achieves higher profitability by consolidating recruitment and business development in Loxo


More than a search firm, SCN is a modern search consulting network for business-to-business companies looking to build their teams with exceptional talent.

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They say time is money — but in the recruiting world, placements are money. By that math: if you could save time *and* make more placements, you’d be sitting pretty, huh? Well, that’s exactly what SCN did, with Loxo’s help. 

When Matt Hannah and the rest of the SCN team were ready to leave PCRecruiter behind, they were drawn to Loxo for a few reasons: ranging from specific features to rave reviews from fellow members of the MRINetwork. 

But even still, they were pleasantly surprised by how much of an impact their switch to Loxo has had on efficiency — and the bottom line. 

“Everything Loxo has put out as a promise, they’ve delivered on. Any suggestions we’ve had, Loxo has been thinking about those things, too. The customer service is really good, everyone we reach out to is quick. I could go on and on about all the great features of Loxo.”

Matt Hannah, Director of Recruiting Headshot

Matt Hannah, Director of Recruiting at SCN

More placements/recruiter = more top-line revenue and profitability 

With Loxo, sourcing perfect-fit candidates and then filling seats is easier than ever — through efficient, customizable workflows. Across SCN’s 37 users, they’ve logged over 1 million total activities in just the first half of the year — sourcing over 30K candidates and making 15 placements. 

Assuming a 25% placement fee on the majority of contracts — and the average compensation of their candidates being around $163K — Loxo’s ROI is crystal clear. 

Better yet: Even during a time in which hiring itself has slowed down dramatically YoY, SCN has managed to make placements at the same rate as years prior — while competitive firms have struggled. 

With Loxo, each customer will make more placements per recruiter which means more topline revenue and higher profitability.

Customizable workflows are music to the SCN team’s ears  

Matt says that, of all of the pleasant surprises and promises Loxo has delivered on, the opportunities for customization — without ever sacrificing feature quality — have been his team’s favorite part. 

“We’ve played around with some of Loxo’s processes and workflows, and we’re constantly tweaking as we go. We customized it for our firm, and we’re going to constantly do that and keep refining. As new features come out, we adapt as they’re released and keep getting better.”

Being able to customize workflows and processes has been huge for the SCN team — and has saved them a ton of time as far as organization and efficiency go. By reducing the number of clicks, making data more accessible to users, and making it easy to sort through multiple workflows at once, the SCN crew has been able to access and sort through info on the fly, with nothing slipping through the cracks even if multiple people are involved with an account. 

Additionally, the Loxo extension has given SCN’s 37 users the ability to work in the way they want. Some of these recruiters prefer to spend their day in LinkedIn, and the extension ensures that the work they’re doing in that platform makes its way to Loxo. 

“Everyone’s a little different, so having the capabilities to make it your own tool is really great for the team,” Matt says.

Consolidation is key 

In their move to Loxo, the SCN team was able to shrink their tech stack significantly — bringing multiple activities into one Talent Intelligence Platform. 

Now, their team is able to easily flow between the candidate and client sides of the process — even using Loxo’s Deals 2.0 feature for business development. Custom reporting has made it easy to engage with clients, as has sharing contextual information between users.

Overwhelmed by the idea of bringing business development into the mix?

Take it from Matt: “There are plenty of ways that Loxo has to help you keep track of your info and make that process easy.”

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