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Fox Search Group Launches, Scales, and Surpasses Goals with Loxo


Fox Search Group is a woman-owned, diversity-driven IT staffing & recruiting firm that is passionate about helping great companies find the tech talent they need to succeed.

Products Used

Artificial Intelligence


Business Development

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Recruiting Strategy


Scaling Up

How Loxo helped Fox Search Group multiply in headcount and surpass revenue goals in their first year of business.

The Challenge

In anticipation of a post-pandemic economic recovery, Fox Search Group set out to launch a search practice from scratch in January 2021. They needed a cost-effective solution to build their recruitment process as efficiently as possible.

Having used PCRecruiter and Bullhorn in the past, the team’s top priority was finding something modern and customizable to keep up with their workflow and help them leverage their inputs from a data perspective. With big growth ambitions, a platform that would grow with them was also a priority.

"We just hired a new Director of Recruiting, and I think one of the reasons he joined was because of Loxo. He said he had been looking for something like this and I felt the same. I always wanted a button that posts a position and shows you the best three people, and I could never find that. I think Loxo AI™ is the closest thing to that button."

Terry Petzold, Managing Partner

The Solution

Fox Search Group selected Loxo as their Talent Intelligence Platform. The team integrated Loxo with LinkedIn via Loxo’s Chrome extension to immediately utilize their network in building out a robust database. They managed business development and advisory relations through Loxo CRM, which helped track the contracts pipeline and forecasted quarterly revenue. This was critical in the early months of getting the business off the ground and keeping the board in the loop.

For new clients, Loxo’s Client View provided direct visibility into each search in real-time. A full bird’s eye view of the candidate pipeline kept clients in the loop and saved the back-and-forth updates of a traditional email thread.

The Results

Thousands of dollars saved in reduced spend by consolidating technology

$1 million of revenue generated by Q3 of their first year in business

5x growth in employee headcount in the first year + 2x growth in the second year

Eliminated 50% of the back and forth email correspondence with clients

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