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Field of Talent uses Loxo to fill notoriously challenging healthcare roles


Field of Talent is an award-winning Recruiting as a Service (RaaS) and talent acquisition company operating across multiple industries — including the notoriously challenging healthcare industry.

Products Used

Candidate Outreach


Field of Talent is a Recruiting as a Service (RaaS) and talent acquisition company that defines themselves as living at the intersection of people-oriented and service-oriented. Their promise is built on both speed and quality — they engage 250 candidates a day per recruiter. 

Field of Talent’s Recruiting Manager, Ronnie Grimm, tells us that they’ve built a flexible, cost-innovation model for recruitment so they can move quickly and get the right people in the right seats, and do so at least 8x more affordably than traditional fee-per-placement recruitment models. Their approach is a collaborative relationship with clients — which includes full-cycle recruiting efforts such as sourcing, pipelining, placements, weekly updates, and even final client “value recaps.”

Some of the best praise they’ve received from a hiring manager?All I had to do was show up for the interview.”


Niche hiring markets

A large hiring segment for Field of Talent is healthcare. 

Recruiters who are familiar with the space will understand what unique challenges the industry faces.

This has become especially true in recent years when the healthcare industry has obviously undergone quite a few “unprecedented” changes. Now, the industry is even more high-volume than ever before — and a persisting labor shortage makes filling roles extra challenging. 

In healthcare, the need for care presents an immense and immediate challenge. You have to catch the right candidates at the right time — and you need to be able to meet them where they are. These are not your candidates who are sitting on a computer all day, with their email constantly open in a tab on their screen. You need to find different channels to reach out to these candidates to build relationships and ultimately connect with them quickly. Texting is a great form of communication that we are able to reach more people faster. 

“It’s so important to put yourself in the candidate’s shoes.”

Ronnie Grimm, Recruiting Manager at Field of Talent

Meeting healthcare candidates where they are with Loxo Outreach™ 


How does this sentiment translate? 

Loxo’s text messaging features and the ability to build automated outreach & engagement campaigns allow the Field of Talent team to capture a bigger list of talent — which is necessary considering the giant growing target they’re often trying to reach.

“In many cases, there are simply not enough specialized people within the right area to be able to fill these roles,” Ronnie says. Part of why building a true talent database is so critical — in healthcare and beyond. 

Speaking of specializations — that’s a whole other piece of the healthcare hiring challenge. 


Finding specialized talent with the Healthcare tab in Loxo Source™

Loxo’s Healthcare tab in Source (while still in beta and working out a few kinks!) has helped Ronnie’s team filter and search for specific credentials and specializations that are necessary for the roles they’re filling — some of which may even change depending on the state or county the position is in. Searching in Loxo and then having conversations with hiring managers around the results of those searches has allowed for easier decision-making on when to expand the search or when to invest in developing new talent. 

By working collaboratively in Loxo with hiring managers, Field of Talent’s recruiters are able to leave notes on candidates and share information both pre-and-post interview — for instance: “There’s no one within an X-mile radius who matches all of your criteria… Should we consider potentially training someone up?” And so on.   

Another unique challenge healthcare recruiters face that Loxo is attempting to solve for? A very large percentage of healthcare professionals are not even on LinkedIn. 

“We love how easy it is to source within Loxo, then to be able to toggle into the Healthcare tab specifically. It opens up a whole new dataset of professionals that you simply can’t find elsewhere.”

Ronnie Grimm, Recruiting Manager at Field of Talent

Every industry faces unique challenges — which means that recruiters who are tasked with filling roles in those industries must be prepared for the variables they’ll inevitably encounter. 

Loxo was built to make recruitment easier — regardless of the industry — and our team is constantly hard at work to adapt to new market and industry trends and challenges. The Healthcare tab in Source is just one (growing!) example of this.

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