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How Critical Fit Recruiting Utilizes Every Minute of Every Day with Loxo


Critical Fit Recruiting has built a strong reputation for reliable, responsive executive search services- placing thousands of candidates with Fortune 500 Companies, multibillion-dollar technical companies, as well as high technology startup companies and established manufacturers.

Products Used


Candidate Outreach


Increasing Volume

How Loxo helped rapidly expanding Critical Fit Recruiting utilize every minute of every day.

The Challenge

Critical Fit Recruiting started out of Chicago with one employee specializing in the
semiconductors industry. The team has now grown, necessitating a new solution. Their
previous solution was clunky and unintuitive, which resulted in a plethora of dead data and
made onboarding new employees impossible. Critical Fit needed a cost-effective solution to
visualize and understand their workflow. Finally, the solution would need to establish and
document their communication with candidates.

"Now I'm not wasting time... So if I have 30 minutes, I can utilize Loxo to build my pipeline and connect with somebody for next week. With the system that we have in place, you can make the best of every 30 minutes that you have."

Brian Pahl, President

The Solution

After searching the market, Critical Fit selected Loxo for their organization. The platform integrates well with their workflow, as they have the ability to create clear handoffs. Loxo Source™ gives them access to the best candidates for their jobs. Critical Fit also utilizes Loxo’s visualizations extensively for reporting needs. The team went from reactive to proactive, becoming more organized and streamlined in their processes.

The Results

Established a 10-step outreach program

Save hours every week on both internal and external communications

Four people easily handle over 50 job postings at a time

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