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Brian Simon Associates Modernizes their Workflow and Increases ROI with Loxo


Brian Simon Associates helps companies make critical hiring decisions that pave the way for great success across the board, along with providing candidates access to industry experts specializing in their field of interest. They specialize in contingent Perm/Temp recruitment searches within the communications sector including: Public Relations, Marketing and Advertising, Digital and Social as well as Media and Creative industries.

Products Used

Artificial Intelligence


Business Development

Candidate Outreach


Comprehensive Growth

How Loxo helped recruitment firm Brian Simon Associates modernize their workflow to increase ROI and save time.

The Challenge

Founded in 2016, Brian Simon Associates provides recruitment support for public relations and marketing
agencies. They are a collaborative team based in New York City, but are expanding rapidly, including

Brian Simon Associates was initially satisfied with their previous solution, but found the technology growing outdated. The firm’s needs quickly outpaced the solution’s capabilities. They needed to find a solution with everything under one roof.

"The whole workflow process has allowed us to just be more quick, efficient at what we do which ultimately allows for us to grow in the long run."

Brian Gabay, CEO

The Solution

After searching the market and consulting with peer organizations, Brian Simon Associates selected Loxo as
their new solution. Loxo allows the team to sort through candidates, put them in a pipeline, and funnel the
pipeline to recruiters. Nothing is manual and everything is consolidated into one system.

The firm finds Loxo user-friendly, intuitive, and modern. The LinkedIn parsing feature allows users to place
candidates into the platform with appropriate keywords. The transition from the old solution to Loxo’s Talent Intelligence Platform was seamless with the customer success team’s support.

The Results

Substantially increased efficiency

Significant increase in ROI

Reduction in time spent placing candidates

Ability to measure outreach efforts

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