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Boolean Logic 101

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Alas, April Fools’ Day is almost upon us. But can I share a secret? Sometimes I feel like this day has become a year round bonanza when I research how to become a better recruiter or how to leverage the latest tech breakthrough to grow one’s recruiting business. Boolean logic? Black belts? I thought people got into the recruiting business because they liked problem solving, finding the (human) puzzle piece that completes the (company’s) puzzle. Helping people find a job they actually enjoy while also empowering them to provide for their needs and wants!

I do not remember signing up for a ‘coding bootcamp” or joining the cast of Scorpion (however much I enjoy watching it) and the closest I’ve come to a black belt is watching “The Karate Kid” back in the day. But Google is telling me some people are using ‘synonym’ research and manipulating LinkedIn’s code to gain an advantage. While I want to use the latest technology, there’s gotta be a better way, right??

Loxo Blog

We all know that finding the proverbial needle amongst the haystack is critical to recruiting success and the vast amount of data available today has greatly expanded our talent pools. However, I generally prefer to focus on what I’m good at (the people side) and find the right tools to help me match candidates to my job orders.

Enter Ilia, Loxo’s CTO and self-described “technology polyglot” who is fascinated with solving extremely hard if not impossible problems. He’s also an expert in web development, artificial intelligence and machine learning. Or as I prefer to simply call him, our programming ninja and savior. One of Ilia’s passions has been creating what we like to call “delightful search.” In plain-speak, it’s simple, powerful, fast searching. In tech-speak, it’s our state-of-the-art indexing and full-text search system that searches across your entire database, including resumes, personal candidate notes, tags, key words, parsed fields, and information pulled in from across the web. Result? It ensures you never miss another candidate hidden in your database again.

And with all of your new free time, you can now deploy any of these amazing Buzzfeed pranks on unsuspecting co-workers, significant others and anyone unfortunate enough to cross your overly productive path.

But what’s your perspective — does being a top recruiter mean you have to master coding and Boolean Logic? Or are there a better ways to leverage technology to grow your business? Join the discussion below or tweet us your thoughts @lox_o!

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Image Credits: April Fool’s Day, Boolean Logic

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