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Recruiting agency software

Become a hiring machine: Find and place perfect-fit candidates 5x faster

Time is money — and with Loxo, every stage of the recruitment process becomes more efficient. Source the highest quality talent, move them through your pipeline, and get them placed in roles faster. Clients are happy, candidates are happy — and so is your bottom line.

Make Loxo your
competitive advantage:

The Old Way

Other Recruiting Tech Stacks

  • Depending on the industry, sourcing requires multiple platforms or software — which means wasted time bouncing between non-integrated tools for research, gathering contact information, and outreach
  • Every search starts from scratch without learning from previous searches
  • Incomplete or out-of-date candidate profiles clutter up your CRM
  • Scour everything from job boards, LinkedIn, and other platforms trying to find candidates
  • Outdated candidate contact information or access to work email addresses only
  • Inefficient, highly-manual outreach with tragically low response rates — and a major lack of candidate engagement as you move through pipeline stages
  • No good way to track business development and sales pipelines to bring in new business
The New Way

Our Talent Intelligence Platform

  • Every step of the recruitment process in one place — plus integration with your personal database and easy interplay with LinkedIn via the Loxo Chrome Extension
  • Loxo’s AI gets more attuned to your needs with every search
  • When you find a qualified candidate, with one click you can see their contact information, drop them into a pipeline, and start an outreach campaign
  • Your Recruiting CRM enriches + updates itself in real-time — so candidate information is always fresh and accurate
  • Instant access to a database of 1.2 billion, hard-to-find, diverse professionals
  • Personal contact information for over 800 million individuals — no more relying on InMails
  • Easy, customizable, multi-channel outreach campaigns for cold outreach, automated follow-ups, and candidate engagement throughout the entire process
  • Build business development and sales pipelines within the same platform you use to place candidates

Efficient workflow

3x placements (and revenue) with the Talent Intelligence Workflow

90% of time in outbound recruiting is spent on sourcing and engagement — which is often a very manual process, wading through minefields of unqualified, uninterested candidates. Loxo’s Talent Intelligence Workflow allows you to work on more searches simultaneously by drastically reducing the amount of manual work required — tripling your outputs and reducing time-to-fill, without reinventing the wheel.

What the heck is Talent Intelligence?

Outreach automation

Automate cold outreach and candidate follow-ups

Easily drag and drop candidates into multichannel sequences and automate every follow up message. Emails, SMS texts, voice calls, and InMails, all in one place — so you can 5x your outputs with less than 5 clicks.

But wait, there’s more! With Loxo Outreach™ GPT, you get real-time assistance in crafting compelling messages tailored to the job, hiring company, and candidate — ensuring higher response rates and deeper engagement.

Learn more about Loxo Outreach™

Business development

Bring business development and candidate search under one roof

360° recruiters need a 360° platform. With Loxo Sales CRM, you can build business development and sales pipelines using the same technology that powers your recruitment activities. Simple and effective sourcing, automated outreach campaigns, and easy management — all for a streamlined experience across every aspect of your role.

Learn more about Loxo Sales CRM


The world’s best data — incorporated with your own

Source the highest-quality candidates, with the most accurate and up-to-date information. Gone are the days of siloed data and inaccessible insights. You spend years curating your own database and building valuable rapport — yet traditional sourcing tools don't factor this in when you start your searches.

With Loxo, you source from the gold mine that is your internal database and our proprietary database of over 1.2 billion professionals — then filter using custom tags and qualifications you actually care about.

Learn more about our data (we’re pretty proud of it)

Go beyond traditional recruiting — and leave competitors in the dust.

Make Talent Intelligence your competitive advantage, while those other folks are still recruiting like it’s 1980.

Build a talent database

Don’t start each search from scratch. As soon as you get the top 10% of talent into your database, your recruiters will become unstoppable.

Search your talent database

It won’t matter if you have the top 10% in your database if you can’t find them. Loxo’s Recruiting CRM offers the best search capabilities in the market.

Nurture your talent database

The best recruiting organizations build long-term relationships and hire top talent when the timing finally aligns for the perfect match.

Master the fundamentals

The #1 job of a Recruiting CRM is to manage the recruiter's daily workflow. Loxo is so easy and effortless, your entire team will be breaking performance records.

Centralize activities and communications in one place

Track all activities and historical communications in one centralized place for your team.

Grow your book of business

Agencies have access to Loxo’s Sales CRM to manage all business development activities and forecast revenue in one software system.

125,000+ recruiters across the globe love using Loxo

From executive search to high-volume recruiting, staffing agencies to high-growth companies use Loxo to manage the end-to-end recruitment life cycle with record breaking performance.

“I ran 72 candidates from my search through Loxo Connect™ and was blown away by how many emails Loxo found. Saved me so much time.”

Julia Adler

Sr. Sourcer & Marketing Lead

Verified customer

“When we onboard a new member, we always have to pick their jaw up off the floor once they see Loxo.”

Rob Thomas

Partner Executive Search Firm

Verified customer

“Loxo has the most incredible customer service I've ever encountered. This is a highly flexible team that evolves their product as the industry changes.”

Anthony Maggio

Three Pillars Recruiting

Verified customer

“I invest hundreds of hours researching recruiting tech and I selected Loxo for my own organization. Loxo is absolutely light years ahead.”

Tim Sackett

Top 10 Global HR Influencer

Verified customer

I've been in the product for 90 days and I'm just blown away. ATS/CRM is super nice to source through. Loxo Source is incredible for advanced Booleans and the database is rad around 500m+ people."

Will Spengler

Owner at Frederick Fox

Verified customer

“My advice is: Jump on board now, before your competitors or it’s too late to get on. You’ll be kicking yourself if you don’t.”

David Stephen Patterson

President of the Kineta Group

Verified customer

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