Front Desk/Therapy Assistant - 962336

Richmond, VA

If you are looking for a position that is designed for work/life balance in a healthy, positive environment that will allow you to focus on your strengths, cross-train in multiple areas, and offer you the ability to be part of a company that is growing with you, then this might be the position for you!

We are currently seeking a new team member who has a flexible schedule, is a dependable, detail-oriented self-starter, brings positive energy to both our team and all client interactions and whose values are in line with our mission statement below. You will be trained in multiple roles and must be willing to step in where needed to keep the clinic running smoothly and maintain our high standards for client experience.

You will serve as a liaison between the patient and business department while in this role!

About Us

Our mission is to serve our community and the world by providing each patient with personalized healthcare, positive encouragement, and excellent customer service to help them reach their optimal health and God-given life potential. 



· Enjoy interacting with clients and building relationships

· Be detail-oriented                

· Be upbeat and bring positive energy into the workplace - your glass is always half full!

· Be a motivated self-starter

· Be willing to embrace change and offer suggestions on how you think internal systems can be improved

· Be a team player and be willing to share your expertise with other team members

· Be physically able to demonstrate the various therapies used in the clinic including being able to comfortably get up and down from the floor

· Have the ability to multi-task and enjoy being cross-trained to work in multiple capacities


** We are looking for a long-term team member, not just short-term employment.


Responsibilities include:

· Answering the phone

 · Maintaining overall appearance and cleanliness of clinic

· Educating patients on the basics of chiropractic (We will train you)

· Managing the flow of patients from reception, through therapies, and to the doctors for treatment

· Teaching patients how to perform the various therapies assigned by the doctors

· Recording each patient visit in the patient management system

· Preparing system and patients for examination and x-rays as requested by the doctors 

· Scheduling patient appointments via both phone and computer-based applications

· Insurance benefits verification

· Assisting doctors with outside referrals

· Filing

· Collecting payments

· Preparing bank deposits

· Ensuring all clients have a wonderful client experience from start to finish



~38 hours/week

Currently, the position's general hours are (may vary by 15-30 minutes based on patient-hour needs): 

· Monday (7:00am - 12:45 pm and 1:45pm - 6:45pm)

· Tuesday (1:00pm - 6:45pm)

· Wednesday (7:00am -12:45pm)

· Thursday (11:30am - 6:45pm)

· Friday (7:00 am - 12:30pm)

*** We always have an extra-long weekend by design!!!


Experience as a chiropractic, physical therapy, dental or medical assistant or scribe, massage therapy, administrative assistant, or receptionist is a plus, but not required. We are looking for someone with attention to detail and a contagiously positive demeanor.

In addition to your hourly pay, you are eligible from day one to receive bonuses. Our staff usually earn an additional $1.50-$2.50 per hour!

Pay: Beginning $16 - $18 an hour plus bonus


· $300 Health Insurance reimbursement

· Chiropractic care for you and your immediate family members

· As well as monthly massage