Chiropractor - 764842

El Dorado Hills, CA

Location: El Dorado Hills, CA

Techniques: Diversified, Flex/Distraction, Arthrostim, Drops, Manual adjusting

Practice Style: Subluxation-based, Personal injury

Compensation: $78,000 - $125,000

Contact Number: 888-812-1238

Organization: Chiro Match Makers

Job Description & Requirements

A reputable family practice, specializing in subluxation-based personal injury treatment, in El Dorado Hills, CA is seeking an outstanding candidate for an Associate Chiropractor position to help complete their dynamic, high energy team. 

For us it begins with determining if a new patient is a candidate for care in our office, by taking them through an intensive, thorough case history and new patient examination process. This 60-minute appointment involves Insight Subluxation nerve testing, digital x-rays, posture, balance and gait, and spinal motion assessment. This is followed by a 30-minute report of findings visit and new client onboarding. Our clinics are high tech and our process is fine tuned.

This is followed by a detailed care plan and health strategy toward a corrective process. We transition our intensive/corrective clients to our wellness memberships where they enjoy lifetime care and coaching. Our care is a cooperative process with the patient toward their goals with coaching, counsel and management of their whole lifestyle, including corrective spinal exercises, nutritional cleansing and support.

We have an effective associate onboarding protocol that involves coaching and support in all areas of a Chiropractic practice. We train intensively as a team on all aspects of practice management and growth with the support of The Remarkable Practice coaching program.

Additional Opportunity Details 

  • PTO
  • Health insurance
  • $2000 moving bonus

Community Highlights 

El Dorado Hills is a smaller town with amazing neighborhoods, friendly people, endless recreational opportunities, and great schools. Boredom is nearly impossible here with biking, hiking, Folsom Lake boating, fishing, camping, wine tasting, and fun community events all around town.

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