Chiropractor - 928213

Hingham, MA

(Doctors licensed in any state are welcome to apply.)

Location: Hingham, MA

Techniques: Manual Adjustments/Manipulation, Diversified, Drops, Activator Method, Arthrostim, Wellness Lifestyle Education (Nutrition/Supplementation)

Practice Style: Care for Individuals, Families, Pain Relief, Pediatric, Prenatal; Sports Chiropractic; Subluxation-Based Practice

Compensation: $80,000-$100,000 + Profit-Sharing

Contact Number: (888) 311-1981

Organization: Chiro Match Makers

Job Description & Requirements

A clinic in Hingham, MA is seeking an Associate Doctor to join their team. As an Associate Doctor in this clinic, you will be responsible for performing patient consultations, taking X-rays, providing care recommendations, and caring for patients through adjustments, exercise instruction, education on nutrition/supplements, and ongoing care.

The ideal candidate is detail-oriented and approachable with a dedication to helping every member of the family thrive through ongoing chiropractic care. The Associate Doctor should be proficient in drops, the activator method, and more at this subluxation-based practice. The successful candidate can expect to adjust 150-175 patients per week by the end of the first year and should be willing to engage in professional development and attend seminars.

This position provides a competitive salary plus profit-sharing, health insurance, paid time off, paid onboarding, and support for continuing education.

Community Highlights

A town within the Greater Boston area, Hingham resides along the coastline and has a small population of 24,000 residents. Just 15 miles south of Boston, the town is in very close proximity to the large city and has been featured as one of the best places to live in the state. The town has a lot of history and a group dedicated to preserving its rich past through educational programs, exhibits, and year-round activities. Hingham boasts beautiful trails, state parks, and historic areas that always make for great exploration.

About the Clinic

This clinic is made up of experienced doctors who offer a comprehensive approach to chiropractic services in order to give patients the best opportunity to achieve their best health. They are dedicated to educating patients on the health benefits chiropractic treatments can provide them.