Chiropractor - 1000992

Panama City Beach, FL

(Doctors licensed in any state are welcome to apply.)

Location: Panama City Beach, FL 

Techniques: Manual Adjustments, Diversified, Wellness Lifestyle Education

Practice Style: Care for Individuals, Families, Pediatric, Pain Relief; Subluxation-Based Practice; Passive Therapy Approach

Compensation: $80,000-$98,000

Contact Number: (888) 311-1981

Organization: Chiro Match Makers

Job Description & Requirements

A practice in Panama City Beach, FL is seeking an Associate Doctor to join their team. In this role, you will be responsible for performing patient consultations, taking X-rays, putting together financial plans, and providing ongoing care through manual adjustments, exercise instruction, and nutrition/supplement education.

The ideal candidate is very friendly and approachable with a strong attention to detail. Preference will be given to somebody willing to engage in ongoing professional development and attend seminars.

This position provides a competitive salary, paid time off, and relocation assistance.

Community Highlights

Panama City Beach is a waterfront town in northwest Florida. Along the coast of the Gulf of Mexico, this stunning vacation destination provides its residents with miles of white sand beaches and calm, clear waters that are perfect for swimming, sailing, surfing, and more. This beautiful town also has a popular state park, pier park with an outdoor mall, fantastic restaurants, and so much more.

About the Clinic

This community-focused practice offers chiropractic and neuropathy care to improve its community's quality of life, and help athletes enjoy less injuries and improved performance, along with faster recovery times. This clinic specializes in performance care, family care, pregnancy care, and overall wellness.