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Data Analyst

On-site: Hillside, Illinois

Salary: 45k-65k

Job Description

We are looking to hire a Data Analyst to join our Operations team. You will be responsible for developing, reporting and summarizing performance data. You will also identify opportunities, trends, and will be troubleshooting data issues. To do well in this role, you will need to take initiative and have a very fine eye for detail, experience as a Data Analyst, and a deep understanding of the popular data analysis tools and databases.

Job duties:

·      Take the lead position on creating and analyzing data reports on Operations team activity.

·      Responsible for daily reporting of Operations’ KPIs.

·      Analyze reports and trends and provide recommendations on a weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis.

·      Create new views of data to consistently improve company’s understanding of trends and revenue.

·      Provide support for additional ad-hoc analysis as needed for company initiatives.

·      Participate in implementation of new projects.

·      Projects will require collaboration with multiple departments.


·      Accountability: Accepting responsibility that results in anticipation/prevention of problem areas from actions, and problem solving inside and outside the department/organization.

·      Teamwork: Working as a productive member of a cohesive group toward a common goal and contributing to team development and effective team dynamics.

·      Written Communication: Expressing ideas and opinions clearly in properly structured, well organized, and grammatically correct reports or documents; utilizing language and terminology.

·      Verbal Communication: Employ active listening skills, to understand the needs of both technical and non-technical audiences; When interacting with others, utilize socially appropriate manners of conveying ideas, asking questions, and providing answers.

·      Attention to Detail: Taking responsibility for a thorough and detailed method of working.

·      Planning and Organizing: Seeing priorities and defining actions, time, and resources needed to achieve predefined goals.

Data Analyst Requirements:

·      Work experience as a Data Analyst or in a related field.

·      Ability to work with stakeholders to assess potential risks.

·      Ability to analyze existing tools and databases and provide software solution recommendations.

·      Ability to translate business requirements into non-technical, lay terms.

·      Experience with charts, graphs, and use of visualization tools.

·      Experience with report building, analysis, and interpreting meaning for non-technical audiences.

·      High-level written and verbal communication skills.

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