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Government Corporate Travel Consultant - Temp
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Government Corporate Travel Consultant - Temp

Position Title: Government Travel Counselor

Location: Government Business Center, Tempe, AZ

Primary Objective

To make professional, accurate, cost-effective travel arrangements for all our clients

Government clients within company and government guidelines and standards for

excellent customer service.

Government Requirements

• Must have 2 years government industry experience working on Department

of Defense and/or Federal Agency Accounts

• Must be able to pass company and government background checks that will

include criminal history

• Must be a U.S. Citizen residing in the United States

Major Areas of Accountability

❖ Completes travel arrangements for client with air, hotel, car, and ground/sea

transportation vendors at the lowest possible fares within government travel policy. Understands and communicates the government travel policies and

booking guidelines including but not limited to JTR/JFTR. Utilizes our clients preferred vendors and government negotiated contracts to maximize

profits for branch branch/customer respectively.

❖ Knowledgeable of all our clients federal and department of defense

customers government business rules and policy.

❖ Knowledgeable in international travel, Fly America Act, Open Skies and complex

international routing and fare rules.

❖ Follows company procedures, guidelines and standards in the areas of: customer

service, building Passenger Name Records (PNRs) and profiles, ticketing,

utilization of front room computer Reservation System (CRS), productivity,

attendance, accuracy of work, invoicing, etc.

❖ Participates fully as a team member to assist as needed in completing all functions

related to servicing the government client, including ticket processing, clerical

functions, prepaid tickets, debit memos, etc.

❖ Is fully informed and stays abreast of all airline rules and regulations, and other

industry requirements and accurately applies this information when making travel


❖ Maintains a high level of competency in operating the CRS.

❖ Attends staff and training meetings for ongoing updates in the travel industry and

office procedures.

❖ Keeps manager promptly and fully informed of all problems and/or unusual

matters of significance.

❖ Maintains a favorable working relationship with all other company employees to

foster and promote a healthy, cooperative and harmonious working climate, which

will be conducive to maximum employee morale, productivity and


❖ Performs other duties as assigned.

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