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Sales Executive - Denver, CO
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Client is in the business of providing high-quality POS systems and merchant services, at a competitive and profitable price. The current main market for these products and services is Asian restaurant owners. The emphasis of this executive-level position is calling and going door-to-door (D2D) in these markets, qualifying them, conveying our distinct value proposition, delivering a demonstration if necessary, and closing the business. In your job you need to work smart and hard, be outgoing, conscientious, persistent, diligent, and display the highest degree of integrity. Customers become part of the client extended family, and it is your job to increase our family size by making friends and developing trust. You should have a willingness to be coached and a desire to become the best at what you do. Essential Duties & Responsibilities

• Have a firm understanding of our products and services.

• Make enough D2D visits and calls each month to meet your quota of 3 POS sales in the first 90 days. 10 POS sales over the next 90 days. Then, 5 POS per month after 180 days.

• Provide weekly and monthly reports to the District Manager as requested.

• Keep track of all your activities in client’ CRM system.

You should know our CRM functionality well enough to:

o Enter prospect details into their record with all the correct fields filled in.

o Enter a detailed note every time you speak with a prospect.

o Create an Opportunity

o Create Tasks for you or others to follow up with.

• Continue to educate yourself. You should always be involved in a new book or audio series on selling. To be the best, you need to study and practice. You are required to attend near-daily sales training.

• Ensure your prospect and/or customer receives the correct information, literature, etc. to make a prompt decision. What a customer or prospect receives is your responsibility.

• Researching and creating targeted lists of people (prospects) who could benefit from client’s POS and Merchant Services.

• Guide qualified prospects onto the next stage of the sales process by booking a further conversation between your and the prospect.

• Achieving and exceeding weekly/monthly metrics (appointments, qualified leads, new contacts, etc.)

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