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Delivery Executive - Software
Atlanta, GA
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The Director of Delivery will spearhead the strategic delivery of client services and software. This entails overseeing the streamlining of data migration, managing enterprise software application deliverables, and coordinating system integrations. With a sharp focus on logistics, both on the field and digital solutions, this role is critical in ensuring timely and exemplary delivery to our enterprise clients.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Delivery Management: Oversee and coordinate the strategic delivery of services and software ensuring adherence to quality, time, and budget constraints.
  • Contractor Oversight: Manage contractors across a national footprint, ensuring projects are executed to the highest standards and within stipulated timelines.
  • Data Migration / Software Delivery: Streamline processes related to data migration and enterprise software application deliverables, ensuring smooth transitions and exceptional client experiences.
  • System Integrations: Coordinate integration projects with other systems, ensuring seamless interoperability and functionality.
  • Client Engagement: Work closely with enterprise clients to understand their needs, tailor delivery processes accordingly, and ensure satisfaction.
  • Logistics Management: Demonstrate an extraordinary capacity in managing logistics both in field operations and digital solutions.
  • Team Leadership: Build, lead, and mentor a high-performing delivery team, fostering a culture of excellence and accountability.


  • Proven experience in managing delivery operations, preferably within a B2B industrial SaaS or similar tech-driven environment.
  • Exceptional logistics management capabilities.
  • Solid experience in working with enterprise clients and understanding their unique demands.
  • Deep knowledge in B2B industrial SaaS application delivery.
  • Dedicated leadership and team management skills.
  • Outstanding problem-solving and organizational abilities.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

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