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Finance Manager - 1638709
Corona, CA
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Position Summary:

An exempt position, under general direction from the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) or

their designee will be responsible for all accounting, budgetary, and financial functions

of the agency along with other administrative duties as assigned.

Essential Duties:

1. Assist in the development, implementation, and administration of an annual

budget; responsible for all revisions and amendments.

2. Consistently administers established procedures and protocols required for

recordkeeping in the areas of accounts payable, accounts receivable, general

ledger, bank account reconciliation, deposits, processes payroll and generates

associated reports.

3. Responsible for the administration of all financial obligations and transactions;

assuring compliance with generally accepted accounting principles while

maintaining fiscal internal control procedures.

4. Develops, maintains, and implements designated payroll system(s) transactions

and/or data on a daily basis; periodically implements technical upgrades to

designated payroll system(s), whenever necessary.

5. Provides supervision, leadership, direction, and guidance to other financial

employees, as required.

6. Maintain accurate ongoing communication (verbal and written) with

external/internal business partners (Inland Respite).

7. Prepares work for the closure of books and preparation of financial statements as

required by governmental agencies for continued funding.

8. Responsible for overseeing the completion of processes respite billing, contract

services and private pay clients.

9. Assists in the preparation of documentation for financial auditors and when called

upon will respond to inquiries relevant to financial transactions.

10. Responsible for the completion and preparation of various census reports;

supervise and assist with unclaimed property reports, submission of W’2 & W’3

and various quarterly reports (e.g. 940, 941, DE9, DE 9c, etc.).

11. Oversees the completion and submission of rate adjustment requests to regional

center/DDS; ensuring completion and accuracy of annual audits according to

regional center/DDC reporting standards.

12. Monitors personnel benefits for eligibility and usage; whenever necessary will

coordinate risk and insurance programs to control risks and losses.

13. Provides input within the areas of budgeting, project planning, and service design;

will periodically assist with implementation.

14. Responsible for carrying out current laws, regulations, and contract requirements

applicable to the corporate financial plan.

15. Ability to function appropriately with the designated respite system & any other

related billing system; ensuring client/program service-related information is

entered and maintained accurately.

16. Continuously strive to provide excellent customer service, interpersonal

communication and serve as a source of accurate information.

Supervisory Requirements:

1. Supervise and maintain qualified staff.

2. Clearly communicate corporate expectations of performance and accountability.

3. Determines and assesses standards of performance as a basis for annual

performance reviews.

4. Develop and communicate concise, evident, achievable, and timely

performance outcomes.

5. Recommends salary adjustments, transfers, promotions, discipline, and dismissals

in a timely manner.

6. Ensures that employees receive the appropriate training and are provided the

necessary tools to succeed.

7. Fosters a cooperative and harmonious working environment to maximize

employee morale and productivity.

Secondary Duties:

1. When called upon will assist other departments; may represent the CEO at

various meetings, community activities, and other delegated obligations.

2. Whenever necessary will coordinate meetings with company executive(s)

regarding financial records &/or status.

3. Maintain business relationships with all financial institutions.

4. Attend all mandatory meetings in a timely manner.

Education, Experience, and Skills Required:

1. High school graduate or equivalent (GED) plus a Bachelor’s Degree in

accounting, business administration, or related fields of study (2 years of

experience may substitute for 1 year of education).

2. Certified Public Accountant (preferred)

3. Ability to read, write, and communicate effectively in English and Spanish.

4. Ability to type 30 wpm and do basic business arithmetic.

5. Working knowledge of bookkeeping and/or accounting principles (2-3 years).

6. Practical application of MS Access, MS Excel, MS Outlook, MS Word, ADP and

QuickBooks for a Windows environment is required.

7. Valid California Driver’s License.

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