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Ore Control Geologist
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Ore Control Geologist

Job Description

This position reports directly to the Manager of Mineral Resources. The successful candidate will be responsible for implementing ore control standards and supporting mine operations.


•     Production Geology

•     Production block model

•     Database management for blast holes and sampling data.

•     Kriging/IDS Estimation

•     Generate mining (grade) polygons

•     Adjust based on blast movement

•     Dilution Control- partnership with D&B and SR

•     Work with mine control to enter mining polygons in Wenco

•     Property Owners(leases)

•     Daily monitoring of weight recovery and reconcile deviations from target

•     Blasthole Sampling Program

•     Train Drill operators channel sampling

•     Duplicate samples -to measure imprecision, analyze variability of duplicate data

•     Set Assay priorities

•     Geological mapping of blastholes, assist highwall mapping

•     Assist with core and chip logging when needed


•     Mission 100

•     Weekly Ore Control Plan

•     5 Week Ore Control plan- PBM


•     Mine-to-Mill Reconciliations GSM vs OC Polygonvs vs Mill, crude MagFe 

Other Responsibilities

•     Department of Natural Resources (DNR) – site visits, report writing

•     Ore Control ultimately owns dilution 


•     Minesight

•     Stakeholders

•     Short Range Planning 

•     Operations

•     Resource and Reserve Geology


  • Bachelor's Degree in Geology, or a related engineering degree
  • 3 years of Open Pit Geology/Ore Control Experience
  • Strong leadership and communication skills
  • Experience with Geological mapping/logging/Ore Control Software (Hexagon/Vulcan/Deswik/etc.)
  • Strong technical geological abilities
  • Ability and desire to lead change and improvement

Preferred Skills

  • Exposure and experience with open pit iron mining or similar operation.
  • Geologic Modeling experience
  • Professional Geology License

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