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Engineering Reliability and Maintenance Planning Superintendent
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If you are a skilled Reliability Engineer who enjoys working on cutting-edge projects, consider joining our team. As part of our team, you will lead all maintenance planning efforts, ensuring maximum cost benefit while minimizing production interruptions. You will have the opportunity to work on various engineering projects such as optimizing mobile maintenance equipment, enhancing electrical systems, and improving fixed maintenance systems. You will be involved in implementing innovative strategies for efficient maintenance planning. You will oversee the coordination of our Centralized Maintenance Department, taking charge of mobile maintenance, electrical, and the fixed maintenance planning processes. Your role will be pivotal in maintaining the mine's high standards of safety and contributing to our commitment of excellence in underground mining.


As the Centralized Maintenance Planning/Reliability Superintendent you will be reporting to the Maintenance Manager, you will be responsible for all maintenance planning for the Mine to ensure maximum cost benefit while minimizing the interruption to production. This is to include all Centralized Maintenance Departments which includes mobile maintenance, electrical and the fixed teams.


Duties include, but are not limited to:

• Complying with all necessary requirements put in place to prevent incidents, injuries or losses;

• Ensuring the safety and health of themselves and others in the workplace by being responsible for their actions and taking due care while performing their work;

• Identifying, eliminating, and reporting hazards as soon as practicable;

• Reporting incidents and accidents as soon as practicable;

• Disclosing all information regarding incidents and cooperating in incident investigations;

• Assisting in the resolution of health and safety matters in a positive and timely manner;

• Using and maintaining PPE;

• Providing suggestions for improving work processes;

• Assisting Management by supporting change to achieve desired targets;

• Ensuring that plant and equipment operate within their safe working limits;

• Ensuring that correct equipment is used for the job;

• Participating in risk assessment methodology;

• Participating in safety initiatives;

• Receiving training and instruction as required; and

• Maintaining good housekeeping standards.


• Establish and maintain Maintenance Planning standards and policies in conjunction with the Maintenance Manager to achieve the site’s business plan.

• Establish and maintain Maintenance Reliability standards and policies in conjunction with the Maintenance Manager to achieve the site’s business plan.

• Conduct weekly planning meetings with maintenance and operations and update the CMMS accordingly including the raising and closing of work orders and entry of planned start and finish dates.

• Training and Coaching of planners in the preparation of work packages and all other planning functions for each maintenance work group within the organization.

• Help establish reliability centered maintenance functions to drive the company forwards.

• Prepare and issue shutdown plans and ensure that all resources required for shutdowns are mobilized, planned, and scheduled to meet the timelines agreed.

• Play a coordinating role during shutdowns to ensure that over-runs are kept to a minimum

• Organize in accordance with company procedures, external service provider’s visits to site for condition monitoring and any other maintenance services not able to be done using on-site resources.

• Regularly review the spares holding policy for maintenance spares and consumables and adjust the purchasing and inventory control settings as required to reduce reliance on airfreight.

• Attend regular meetings with operations and maintenance personnel to review equipment performance, develop remedial actions and improvement plans for cost and performance.

• Support the cost-effective achievement of monthly and annual production targets (ore tonnes and mill throughput) in accordance with the budget.

• Assist in the development of the departmental budget, with effort towards producing a Zero-based maintenance budget.

• Record Meeting minutes which include a list of actions and responsible persons and timelines for action when required.

• Develop a succession plan for all maintenance planning positions with clear competencies to be achieved and timelines for achievement.

• Work with the Maintenance Manager to develop tracking & reporting systems for agreed KPI's to allow accurate and quick analysis of maintenance, breakdowns, costs, and operating performance of all site equipment and fixed assets.

• Maintain all planning, reliability and maintenance functionality within the CMMS.

• Oversee all planning templates/Standard job functions.

• Oversee all predictive maintenance templates including adopted technologies.

• Oversee all statistical entries into the CMMS.

ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS Self-motivated, proactive, detail-oriented, mechanically inclined, problem solver. Proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint. Good attention to detail with the ability to recognize discrepancies. Must be able to work independently as well as part of a team. Strong interpersonal and organization/time management skills. Preferred - Knowledge of computerized maintenance management information systems - Experience in Ellipse or similar computerized maintenance systems. Responsible for all routine data entry and withdrawal associated with maintenance, most of which is associated with the Computerized Maintenance Management Information System.

As a member of the Mobile Maintenance team duties will include but are not limited to:

• Maintain equipment statistics – data entry of meter hours, job cards

• Ensure high quality data is collected and integrity of the data

• Work closely with team members to identify data related problems and solve them

• Oil sample collection

• Prepare maintenance reports and assist with preventive maintenance optimization

• General administrative duties such as filing, typing, copying, recording meeting minute, etc. Other duties may be assigned.


• Maintain warehouse stock in conjunction with warehouse personnel and handle maintenance procurement as needed

• Maintain Ellipse systems for entire process plant.

• Cost control and reporting, budgeting, backlogs, vendor support.

• Maintain critical spares, consignments and parts listings.

• Asset Management

• APL / warehouse stock; identify equipment without APL; identify equipment that is incomplete APL

• Record APL of equipment without; record updates to equipment without APL; update warehouse stock to match APL research; create Microsoft spread sheet parts list; identify slow moving stock; and identify stock that needs to be made obsolete because of no longer having equipment; identify parts and equipment with abnormal spare parts and correct; review in stock quantities are over stocked, understocked or sufficient.

Assist Supply Chain

• Safety Health & Environmental Analysis (Shea) document developments; initial sourcing and procurement; minimize stock warehouse satellite accumulation areas; identify repair and return items and tag and initiate repair with the warehouse; and organize all arriving Direct Issue procurement parts and record location.

Enterprise Resource Planning system

• Generate work orders; maintain Birth certificates on all equipment and record modifications to equipment.

Refine overall maintenance program:

• Implement process-based maintenance programs.

• Monitor and review standards and performance guidelines, including predictive/conditions monitoring programs and applications.

• Incorporate multi-discipline programs to enhance overall maintenance program.

• Coordinate with operations, engineering, and outside services for maintenance and system upgrades.

Preventive maintenance performance:

• Maintain and track all lube and pm scheduling using Ellipse and data base.

• Maintain all safety/environmental oriented pm certifications and schedules.

• Advise on maintenance and operations procedures.


A minimum of 10 years’ experience in large scale mineral processing or mining environment including at least 5 years in senior maintenance planning roles. (Underground experience is Preferred.)

• Maintenance planning or maintenance management is desirable.

• Prior experience required in the use of CMMS.

• Prior experience on all facets of Fixed Plant Maintenance, Mobile Maintenance and Electrical

• Proven leadership skills demonstrated by progressive responsibility throughout career.

• Demonstrated record of developing and coaching employees in development needs.

• Must be able to demonstrate the values of integrity, respect, and collaboration.

• Demonstrated commitment to ensuring a safe working environment.

• CRL and or CMRP  

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