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Doral, FL
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We are seeking a highly skilled and experienced Senior Recruiter to join our talent acquisition team. As a Senior Recruiter, you will be responsible for leading the end-to-end recruitment process, sourcing and attracting top talent, and ensuring a seamless candidate experience. Your expertise in talent acquisition strategies, market trends, and recruitment technologies will be instrumental in driving our organization's growth and success.


  1. Lead the Recruitment Process: Oversee the entire recruitment lifecycle, including job requisition creation, candidate sourcing, screening, interviewing, assessment, offer negotiation, and onboarding.
  2. Talent Sourcing: Utilize various channels, such as job boards, social media, professional networks, and referrals, to identify and attract high-quality candidates. Develop creative sourcing strategies to tap into passive candidate pools.
  3. Candidate Evaluation: Conduct thorough assessments of candidate qualifications, skills, and cultural fit through interviews, assessments, and reference checks. Provide insightful feedback to hiring managers to support informed hiring decisions.
  4. Collaborate with Hiring Managers: Build strong partnerships with hiring managers to understand their talent needs, develop effective job descriptions, and create recruitment plans tailored to each position.
  5. Employer Branding: Contribute to enhancing our employer brand by effectively promoting our company's values, culture, and career opportunities through various channels, including social media, job fairs, and industry events.
  6. Recruitment Metrics and Reporting: Track, analyze, and report on recruitment metrics, including time-to-fill, cost-per-hire, source effectiveness, and diversity hiring initiatives. Provide regular updates to management, identifying areas for improvement and implementing strategies accordingly.
  7. Candidate Experience: Ensure a positive and professional candidate experience throughout the recruitment process. Communicate promptly and effectively with candidates, providing feedback and updates to maintain their engagement and interest.
  8. Continuous Improvement: Stay up to date with the latest recruitment trends, tools, and best practices. Proactively identify opportunities for process enhancements and innovative sourcing techniques to optimize efficiency and quality of hires.
  9. Mentorship and Training: Provide guidance and mentorship to junior recruiters and team members, sharing your expertise and helping them develop their skills in talent acquisition.


  1. Proven experience as a Senior Recruiter or similar role, preferably within a fast-paced and dynamic organization.
  2. Deep understanding of full-cycle recruitment processes, talent acquisition strategies, and sourcing techniques.
  3. Demonstrated expertise in using various recruitment tools and platforms, including applicant tracking systems (ATS), job boards, social media, and candidate assessment tools.
  4. Strong interviewing and assessment skills, with the ability to identify and evaluate top talent.
  5. Exceptional communication and interpersonal skills, with the ability to establish rapport with candidates and collaborate effectively with hiring managers and team members.
  6. Results-oriented mindset, with a track record of meeting or exceeding recruitment targets and metrics.
  7. Excellent organizational skills and attention to detail, with the ability to manage multiple priorities and deadlines simultaneously.
  8. Familiarity with employment laws, regulations, and compliance standards.
  9. Experience in employer branding and promoting diversity and inclusion initiatives is desirable.

Join our team as a Senior Recruiter and play a pivotal role in shaping the future of our organization through the acquisition of exceptional talent. If you are a driven, strategic thinker with a passion for recruitment and a knack for identifying top performers, we want to hear from you!

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