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Content Manager at News Agency - Skandinavien
Stockholm, AB
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The role

As a content coordinator you will be the head of content at Evertiq. You will lead our team of content creators and different specialist consultants/freelancers in order to gather and publish content related to our expos, including news articles, photo galleries, and presentations. The content should be easily accessible for download on various news channels, with a heavy focus on our own activities. The overall goals include increasing the reader base, enhancing synchronization between the Content and Expo Teams, and positioning Evertiq as a reliable source of quality information both online and offline. The job also includes selecting and rejecting general press releases, scheduling interviews and meetings, and proofreading and reviewing content.

Your nearest manager

The company’s CEO


Implications for the position

  • Overall responsibility for all content in our different sites
  • You are the manager for the content team at Evertiq 
  • Prepare documentation for procurements and agreements
  • Find, and register new suppliers in the supplier database
  • Allocation and coordination of external or internal staff and news
  • Building and maintaining a database of contracted external content suppliers such as freelancers, journalists, PR-staff, translators, industry experts and other consultants
  • Buy external content to be published, i.e., reports, interviews, pictures, films, and other editorial content
  • Coordinate content suppliers, internal staff, and other resources
  • Set traffic goals
  • Make sure there is 50% Expo content and 50% Standard content
  • May also include some personnel responsibility
  • Increase News traffic with the help of our Expo activities
  • Organizing day-to-day work around upcoming Expo activities
  • High level of involvement in our Expo activities, report from program, workshops, exhibitor interviews etc.
  • Work in our standardized IT-systems
  • Your work is being assessed by our performance measurement tools
  • Participate in staff training activities
  • In addition to the above related information

The function does not include, more than in isolated cases, any involvement in the practical creation and adjustment of the content itself. The function has a more comprehensive role where the content is created through the available resources. The function also has no authority over the creation of the content at the Expo, or other administration, marketing, general management etc.

How content is gathered and published

  • Goals of an undefined number of news created per Expo project to be timed over the succeeding months
  • Photo galleries produced when necessary
  • Expo content such as presentations and discussions should continue online after every Expo
  • All presentation material should be easily accessible for download on our News Channels, preferable the same day of every Expo
  • Content about our Expo activities, such as number of participants expected/attended, exhibitor interviews, stage programs, work shop results etc. Publishing of fact reports etc.
  • Relevant links and images etc. clearly integrated in each news story. Not to be unobtrusive hidden at the end
  • Selection and rejection of general press releases and, interview requests, PR-invites etc. 
  • Cross publishing across our network
  • Prebook meetings and schedule interviews on expos
  • Relevant staff travels to our Expos to create content according to plan and goals
  • Heavy focus on our own activities rather than external activities such as competing trade shows and PR-events
  • Proofreading and Review
  • Use our existing system to gather external news not connected with Expo
  • In addition to the above related information

Overall Goals

  • Higher reader base
  • Enhanced synchronization and cooperation between the Content and the Expo Teams
  • A higher concentration of Quality External an Internal News Content
  • Expo exhibitors and speakers are visible to an audience far beyond the Expo itself
  • Evertiq to be positioned, experienced, and associated with quality information, online and offline
  • To create new industry gurus and other experts that are associated with Evertiq

Success Factors

  • Share our Basic Values
  • You are managing your team in an efficient and successful manner
  • You are getting the job done through other people
  • You able to multitask in stressful situations
  • You are working according to our plan
  • You are contributing to a fast growth towards our overall goals
  • Dare to call and contact new people

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