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Indianapolis, IN
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audiochuck is seeking a Reporter to join our team.


This is a full-time, in-person position located in Indianapolis, IN.

Although this position is based onsite in Indianapolis, traveling to conduct in-person interviews around North America is also required.  


About us:

Audiochuck is an Indianapolis-based media company focused on bringing our fans edge-of-your-seat storytelling that speaks to the latest generation of podcast listeners. Since December 2017, we’ve been creating and producing compelling content that leaves you craving more. We’ve produced multiple shows that have premiered at #1, racking up hundreds of millions of downloads a year.


audiochuck is a young, fast-growing, and dynamic company that rewards its employees, regardless of age or experience, according to the work they do. We are committed to developing internal talent and fostering a long-term team of talented media professionals. Advocacy is an essential part of the audiochuck culture. We are passionate about using our platform to make a positive difference in people’s lives by using our time, money, and resources to advocate for victims and families.


About the role:

audiochuck is seeking a seasoned storyteller with experience covering criminal justice stories. Our ideal reporter candidate has the chops to interview investigators alongside the necessary empathy to conduct sensitive interviews with survivors and loved ones of victims. This role would work on multiple audiochuck shows, and could include the top true crime podcast in the world - Crime Junkie and our newest weekly show, The Deck.


What you bring to the table: 

  • Two+ years of experience as a reporter
  • Experience in the field conducting interviews and submitting record requests via local, state, and federal agencies
  • Creative writing skills
  • Attention to detail and the skills to find information through public records requests and other means 
  • Willingness and ability to fact check information 
  • Collaborative spirit to work alongside our in-house team of producers, reporters and writers 
  • Ability to meet deadlines and manage several stories and scripts for multiple shows simultaneously
  • Willingness to use provided audio gear to capture high-quality sound independently in the field
  • Flexibility to pivot and tenacity to find a solution when obstacles arise
  • Skills to craft compelling, in-depth stories from your original reporting
  • Openness to feedback
  • Passion and eagerness to do what it takes to deliver a product that is of service to the victims and their communities 

What audiochuck will bring to the table: 

  • Commitment to intentional leadership development for all employees
  • Dedication to company culture and promoting mental health
  • A talented team of collaborative and passionate employees to support your work
  • An appreciation for diverse work experience and backgrounds
  • A chance to work on shows from the leading network in true crime podcasts
  • Competitive base salary and bonus incentives
  • Benefits contribution
  • 401(k) retirement plan with match
  • Paid time off and bonus mental health days
  • Team events and activities    

What does this role entail:

Case Selection:

One of the most essential roles investigative reporters play at audiochuck involves case selection. In this process, the reporter finds and vets various cases within the scope of a specific show. Reporters do initial research and identify cases that align with advocacy goals, have sufficient coverage, and match the creative vision for the show.

Reporting Trips:

Once cases have been identified, reporters will then plan and execute field reporting trips. On these trips, they will conduct interviews, gather photos, and seek to establish a sound base upon which to build an episode or series.


Records Requests:

An important part of data gathering for reporters involves submitting record requests via local, state, and federal agencies. This often requires tenacity and significant follow-up but can yield incredible publicly available information.

Ancillary Fact-Finding:

Oftentimes, interviews and record requests alone cannot fill in the gaps of a case. When this happens, the reporter must source additional and relevant case information to bring a robust understanding of the case, and any specific dynamics at play, to the listener. 

Post-Reporting Writing:

In this phase, the reporter is able to pull together all they have discovered to create a compelling and honest narrative about the selected case. When writing on behalf of a host, it is impairment to incorporate the host’s perspective and tone into the script in a seamless way. Incorporating dialogue and in-text citations is also key. 

Final Script Edits & Composition:

After the initial script draft is completed, another audiochuck team member will review the script to ensure accuracy, clarity, and tone are aligned. After these edits are received, the investigative reporter must incorporate them into the script and do a final check for spelling, pronunciation, and citations. 


Does this role sound like you? If so, please submit your resume along with a cover letter that briefly answers the questions below. Please submit one sample of your most stellar writing as well.


  • Why are you interested in working with audiochuck?
  • How does your previous experience relate to this role?
  • What is a cause / issue you're passionate about solving?


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