Business Development Manager – Channel & Alliances Partnerships (SaaS-iPaaS)

Jacksonville, FL  


Rosebank, Johannesburg, South Africa

Monday – Friday in the office (Atlantic Beach)

This may become more remote over time but in the short term (6 months) you will be working alongside of the team lead.

Business Development Representative - Alliance Partnerships & Channel Sales

Based in Jacksonville, FL

Flowgear has developed an iPaaS Platform (integration platform as a service) to enable companies of all sizes, without writing any code, to integrate and automate their systems internally as well as upstream to their suppliers or downstream to their customers.

Flowgear’s head office is in Johannesburg, South Africa with US operations are run from Jacksonville, Florida. It has a global network of 93 distribution and certified implementation partners. It released its iPaaS integration platform in 2010. The company mainly operates in the EMEA region with an expansion into North America.

In 2021 Flowgear started building a team in Jacksonville, FL and will continue expansion. iPaaS is a subset of integration technologies, that most enterprises companies use to integrate their systems. There are only approximately 35 iPaaS vendors globally, Flowgear is the iPaaS company to take this enterprise tech and repackage it using Active Workflows making this solution affordable and available to everyone from small business up to enterprise players. It primarily serves the midmarket to small-enterprise segment. 


Much of their sales come by way of alliance/channel partnerships. This Business Development resource is responsible to grow alliance partners, who are very incentivized and inherently in need of integration solutions as part of their core business. Responsible for business development activities at their core (Lead gen, cold calling, leading meetings, building, and presenting proposals, partner acquisition and account management, client engagement and full life-cycle sales) this role will partner with a technical sales engineer to provide prospects and customers with valuable insights on the Flowgear platform. This role does not require technical capability but an affinity to technology is required! 


This role will work independently and be responsible for net new client acquisition and be supported by a team of technical and leadership partners. If your success requires hand holding, micro-management or attitude adjustments, you are not a good candidate for us. Travel may arise, as necessary and will be at your discretion but will require approval.

How you will focus your time:

70% - acquiring new distribution partners + account management. Partners will refer their own clients who should become Flowgear clients

  • Have close to 90+ partners globally (in less than 18 months)
  • Hunt 20-30 partners or until time is at capacity
  • Manage partner relationships monthly to identify new leads and opportunities
  • Engage with all leads to introduce Flowgear and understand their integration and automation requirements
  • Run the full lifecycle sales process including managing the proof-of-concept process (POC) as a key step to the sales strategy. POC’s are run by the technical team.

20% direct sales from in-bound leads. Website – free trial and demo registrations

10% direct sales outbound sales (likely conference attendance CONUS)

  • Schedule and lead meetings with customers

Partnership Value Proposition

  1. To provide an Integration Solutions for their clients, using iPaaS technology but at an affordable price point.
  2. Annuity IncomeFlowgear is in the business of selling subscriptions to our platform. Where a partners client takes a subscription of Flowgear, the partner will receive up to 12% of the monthly subscription revenue in perpetuity.
  3. Additional Professional Services Revenue – Flowgear has a technical certification course hosted on Udemy. Certification will enable partners to build out these integrations and workflows for their clients and increase their company’s overall billable hours.
  4. Improve Client Retention: Integration is the best way to firmly entrench yourself in the client’s business by delivering turnkey solutions that integrate into every aspect of their client business.

Ideal Experience

  • 1-3+ years in software, SaaS, or technical sales experience 
  • Channel sales or alliance partner sales

Required Experience

  • University degree 
  • 2+ years in a current or recent business development capacity
  • Sales lifecycle management – reporting on deals pipelines and projections
  • Lead generation and management
  • Management of daily action plan
  • Cold calling
  • Email marketing
  • Action planning
  • Account saturation
  • Pipeline management
  • Client engagement
  • Networking
  • CRM utilization and proper documentation


  • Coachable
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Ability to meticulously follow a process
  • Exceptional communication skills to include proper email etiquette
  • Ability to work confidently and professionally
  • Comfort with learning and discussing key technical concepts of IT/IT Security
  • Ability to self-manage, properly manage time, and think proactively
  • Possess a high sense of ownership (and urgency when appropriate)
  • Capable to execute organized and timely follow up communication
  • Strong documentation habits
  • Create and manage task lists


  • Base Salary - $50,000 - $60,000 (depending on experience)
  • Uncapped commissions

Compensation plan:

  • 60% of initial month deal value. 65% when hitting inside of your stretch goal
  • 60% of initial month incremental value per license upgrade
  • $200 per alliance channel partnership closed

Trending average deal size to date (growing to more enterprise plans quickly):

  • 70% = 1k
  • 20% = 2k
  • 10% = 4k

Better partners are pushing deals at 2k and 4k. The majority of client who start on the base plan upgrade to standard and professional plans. You will have visibility on client utilization to use as a sales tool for account saturation. Visit for additional information


  • Medical, employee medical covered at 80%
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • 401K plan in progress, 100% of 3%
  • PTO – 15 days
  • 12 Holidays (follow Fed guidelines)
  • Cell phone allowance
  • Company card for expenses
  • Travel accommodations cared for plus daily per diem
  • All equipment provided

Immediate Team:

  • Reports to: Chief Growth Officer
  • Team Lead: Senior Business Development Manager

Operational tools:

The following are the main tools they have in production relative for this role as it stands now. Flowgear is willing to arm you with tools you deem to me valuable to your success above and beyond:

  • LinkedIn SalesNav (prospecting)
  • SeamlessAI (contact grabbing and validation)
  • SalesLoft (engagement)
  • Connectwise (CRM)

Onboarding – 30/60/90

  • Month 1 is training (you will review this with the recruiting team and during the interview process)
  • Month 2 and 3 and beyond–focus on acquiring channel partners. You will be given a list with a goal of 20+ partners. You will find some may be useless for new client acquisitions and some will very much arm you with a fruitful pipeline. Ideally, the good partners will drive you to near capacity within the first year. See KPI’s.
  • Handling inbound leads as necessary

Performance Management & KPI’s

KPIs will include partnership agreements signed at any level.

Expectations will be an average of 3 partners per month.

Your sales pipeline is the most valuable indicator of your success. This includes detailed history of the contents of your business meetings. Average client conversion rate from Proof of concept is 85%.

In addition to completed sales, Proof of Concepts are the key variable in the sales process and will be key KPI

  • Month 1 – 1 POC
  • Month 2 – 2 POC
  • Month 3 and beyond – 3 POC

Based on the sales cycle, deal timeline is ~4 months to a win (on average). POC’s have an 85% average closure rate.

After 12 months Flowgear’s goal is to have you doubling your base salary in commissions.

* Qualified and interested candidates will have the opportunity to review the compensation structure in detail.

Interview Process

1.      Initial high level 20 minute online zoom call with CGO. Prior research on Flowgear and the industry is paramount

2.      In person discussion with Senior Business Development

3.      Present to CGO and CEO

a.      A sales pitch and what Flowgear is in your own words

b.      An extract prom the scripted sales pitch

c.      Answer high-level (non-technical) questions covered in materials provided to you in research - 30 min partner sales training video



Flowgear’s .NET Platform enables companies of all sizes to overcome data silos by creating powerful Application, Data and API integrations, on-premises or in the Cloud all from a single interface. No Coding Required! Our cloud-based iPaaS platform (integration platform as a service) has empowered scores of industry leaders to integrate their SaaS Applications, create innovative workflows and automate time consuming, repetitive processes to increase productivity and profitability while delivering customer excellence.

Our unique iPaaS subscription model, based on Active Workflows with fixed monthly pricing, provides companies with enterprise integration technology at an exceptional high ROI. There are approximately 35 iPaaS vendors in the world

Flowgear’s is the only iPaSS company to take enterprise tech, repackage using Active Workflows making available to everyone from SMB up to enterprise. This type of solution has been almost exclusively available to F500 almost exclusively on price until now. Clients use Flowgear to Integrate without writing any code.

US work authorization is required.

US Citizen, Green Card, Perm Resident Preferred.

We are not accepting candidates that require sponsorship at this time.

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